Days are getting shorter, temps are getting chillier and Sundays are reserved for tailgating. And whether you’re sitting on a big lead, looking for a 4th quarter Hail Mary or somewhere in between, here are 5 marketing tips to help you finish the year strong and head into 2017 with a solid game plan.

1. Find Your Fans. Defining a target market doesn’t mean excluding anyone, it simply means focusing your marketing spend where you’ll get the best return on investment. So, find your fans to know exactly where and how to market your business.

2. No Dropped Balls. Finding new customers and generating sales is essential to every business, small or large. But, small businesses have their hands full keeping current customers happy, so sometimes drop the ball on gathering leads. Evaluate your company’s leads-gathering activities and make sure you’re putting fans in the seats.

3. Call an Audible. Once you know who your fans are, find out where they are and join the conversation. Call an audible and blog, post, tweet or share thoughtful content that connects with your target audience. But more importantly, monitor the conversation and provide value by answering your prospect’s questions and concerns.

4. Play Defense. Social selling isn’t restricted to online, so mix things up with Direct Mail, Trade Shows, Seminars or Networking to engage with customers and prospects in a meaningful way. Whether online or off, don’t let the competition do an end around—focus on what’s relevant to your fans and meet them where they are.

5. Watch Game Film. Review analytics and metrics and evaluate the quality of your company’s creative to make sure you are putting your best foot forward at every touchpoint. And unless you have all the customers you could ever want, be willing to change things up to find new fans or even to keep existing fans happy. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Hire an agency to coach your company through some or all of your marketing and creative activities. At Content Creations, we offer 3 easy-to-implement game plans for Creative Services.